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September 29, 2011

Working girl

I’m an editor, but my job is kind of interesting because I don’t work with professional writers. My number one responsibility is to edit the Weekly Yelps. These are penned by our communities’ marketing whiz kids, who are great at pretty much everything except knowing where to put commas. This means I sometimes take certain liberties with the Weekly copy.

Basically, I’m there to make sure every Weekly is as funny, on brand, and as easy to read as it can be. I like working with the Community Managers who aren’t married to any of their jokes, because then I get to make up titles and intros like this:

And when I do my own thing with the Weekly editorial, I get to take full credit for user feedback fan mail like this:

Yelp Mail - Fwd: Message from Yelp HQ -

There you have it: a day in the life of a Yelp Editor! P.S. I hella didn’t get fired today!