Inspiration for a new biz venture (lolz)

My coworker showed me this website called Fomato Cards today and I’m pretty obsessed. I’ve been talking about working on a line of cards with my friend Jess (one of our great designers at Yelp) for a while now. We’ve sort of put this idea on hold, however, because Jess has been busy in her off-time launching a wedding invitation business and an online store, and I have been busy squeezing my pores in the mirror and playing with my dog. But these Fomato illustrations cracked me up and lit a little fire under my patooty.

My favorite of these cards is the birthday one on cheese. I love cheese so much! In my fantasy world, I would eat it every day and I would still feel amazing, my skin would be flawless, my waist would be trim, and I would never be constipated. A girl can dream.


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