My blog gets hit on more than I do.

Pretty much the only search terms that direct people to my blog are fans looking to write Jonah Hill and people on the prowl for naked ladies. Some of my blog’s most popular search terms from this month:

– best tits 2012
– rebecca tits
– stoner boobs
– “spread my legs for”
–  vagina dog costume
– “i do lesbians”
– slut machine (I hope this means someone is mistaking me for Tracie Egan Morrissey!)
– asses and puss
– sex in socks
– big tits of waco
– big boob age 15
– huge boob age 14

Given the overwhelming data, next week I’m shifting the focus of my blog. Going forward, every post will have a picture of my boobs in it. Thanks for the feedback, Google Analytics!

(P.S. April Fools re: incoming nude pics. Not April Fools re: those search stats.)

One Comment to “My blog gets hit on more than I do.”

  1. I miss My So-Called Life! More of that, plz.

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