List of things I’m not very good at: camping

Nate’s family has an annual camping trip I’ve been tagging along to for the past few years. It’s really fun; we eat well, drink wine all night and do blown up, NYT crosswords together in the morning while drinking campfire coffee that’s chewy with grounds. I say I’m bad at it because this year I neglected to take a single picture, spent a good portion of the trip hiding with my laptop to write, and have a horrible sunburn on the right side of my body from the car ride home. But, I don’t have to be really good at it because Nate is good enough at it for the both of us (he knows how to put up the tent, make really tasty scrambles over a fire, and all the other important stuff).


3 Comments to “List of things I’m not very good at: camping”

  1. Did you at least eat some s’mores?

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