This is one of those blog posts that addresses the obvious fact that I haven’t updated my blog in a while, and nothing more. I’d make a promise to the greater internet to do better, but… no, actually. I won’t do that.

Things I’ve been doing besides not updating my blog:

– Being the creative lead on this really huge Yelp project that I’m super proud of, even though it’s not done yet. I am very excited to unleash it in a couple of weeks.
– Turning 26.
– Learning how to ski and being goodish at it.
– Working on a book proposal for my agent, as I have been doing for the past nine months.
– Deciding, on the nine-month mark, that I didn’t like my proposal at all, and then deciding to totally scrap it and start over with a new idea I haven’t thought of yet.
– Visiting mortgage loan officers and real estate agents with Nate because we are buying a house in Oakland this year.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back to post the shit out of that really huge Yelp project I was just talking about. Maybe before then too — who knows! Until then.



  1. I can’t even believe your life right now. You’re a superstar at work, you’re writing a book, you’re buying a house. Whatever motivating drugs you’re on, I need some.

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