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December 2, 2011

Lies I’ve published on Facebook

I’m not sure why I wrote this because Bros Icing Bros (RIP) is probably one of my favorite drinking games of all time. It has the perfect proportion of gross-to-funny. Plus, drinking Smirnoff Ice makes me feel like I’m at a high school party. Remember when you were 16 and thought you could get wasted off the neck of a Smirnoff? Then you’d use being “wasted” as an excuse to say mean things to the friends you secretly hated. One time my friend and I filled up a Smirnoff Ice bottle with water and gave it to our other friend, telling her it was alcohol. She thought she got drunk off the water inside the bottle and then we made fun of her for it to the rest of our friends behind her back – “behind her back” being, of course, about three feet away, so she could hear every word. I think we all went to Del Taco afterwards and pretended like it never happened.