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March 4, 2012

You The Bestest

I feel like I’ve been hungover since my birthday last weekend and have subsequently been trying to get away with doing as little as possible. That all changes tomorrow when I start a real writing routine, complete with daily posts on this very site! Let the good times (blog)roll!

The only thing possibly standing in my way is laughing so hard at this video that I drop dead:

December 12, 2011

Why my mom thought I was a 14-year-old cokehead

The Army of Freshmen: my absolute, number one favorite band for WAY too many years in high school. A friend recently messaged me, “Remember when we listened to clown car music?” Ya, that was around the same time I called myself straight edge because no one had offered to smoke me out yet. My mom was right to think I was off doing drugs much earlier than I actually was though – this music seriously sounds like when you get so high your ears start ringing. And yet, while in the midst of cleaning up my iPod, I can’t bring myself to delete their self-titled album. I might need it someday?