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January 7, 2012

The best pun I have ever written

December 20, 2011

My degenerative eye disease

I am literally almost blind right now. WebMD made me think I had an eye disease but my doctor laughed in my face (maybe? couldn’t see his expression) when I gave him my self-diagnosis last week. In actuality, I need these special lenses put in my glasses because all of a sudden my subtle, kind of endearing cross eyes have decided to become super, not cute cross eyes. Now they overcompensate (i.e. turn in on themselves) when I look at anything, meaning I see two of everything and everything is extremely blurry because my eyes are exhausted from all the crossing they’re doing. I can only see my computer screen right now because I’m leaning the top of my Macbook against my forehead. Basically I’ve been pressing my face against everything I want to look at for the past two weeks, leaving a greasy nose print everywhere I go.

I was hoping to use this as an excuse to get some new grandma frames like these…

…but I couldn’t adequately survey any new options with the state of my vision, so I’m just getting new lenses put in my old Tina Fey frames. C’EST LA VIE.


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