Tax season makes me want to barf but it’s fine.

I owed the government basically a year’s worth of burrito and beer money, which sadly adds up to more than you’d think. Any member of the 1% living in San Francisco owes me a goddamn dinner at Gary Danko.

Not sure how/why this happened, but my emotional response to forking over so much cash was to blackout and online shop for an hour. When I came to, this is what I bought:
– Two pairs of shoes for hoofing around the city on Zappos, who just promoted me to VIP Customer status, which will be a problem.
– Used copies of A Visit From The Goon Squad and I Found This Funny from Powell’s, which I inexplicably could not find in any bookstore within a five-mile radius of my apartment.
–  A teardrop necklace from Son of a Sailor that I’ve been eyeing forever.
–  I raided Anthropologie’s sale page and forgot all what I bought, so I have who knows how many surprises coming for me next week!

These packages will hopefully add some sparkle to my approaching work week, which I anticipate will feel like a very long come down. Last week was our annual, all-company summit, where we fly in the bazillion Community Managers who work remotely all over the world. The week is panels and presentations all day and then dinner and drinks all night. The dinner and drinks lead to, of course, more drinks, which lead to my coworker passing out on my kitchen floor while we’re both wearing flapper dresses and have covered ourselves in macaroni and cheese bandaids (a.k.a., what I did Thursday). Anyway, besides taxes, it was a good week.

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